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Harris opposition to commission baffles

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Sep 28, 2017


Printed 09/29/2017




I am writing in response to a letter previously published in Ocean City Today concerning HR 356, a bill which would establish a National Commission on Foreign Interference in the 2016 election.

This bill focuses on foreign countries using electronic means to interfere with the election and would provide recommendations on how to keep this from happening in the future.

This bill is especially relevant in light of recent revelations about Russian groups buying Facebook ads to plant fake news stories in an attempt to influence our election.With these facts in mind, I am deeply surprised and dismayed that Representative Harris would refuse to support this bill which serves the interests of both political parties and most importantly, the American people.

The commission it establishes would be non-partisan, comprised of an equal number of non-government employed members chosen by both the Republican and Democratic parties. It also sets a time limit of eighteen months to deliver a final report on the Commission's findings.

Ensuring that our elections are safe from foreign influence should never be considered a partisan issue because either party could benefit or be harmed by this type of interference. Unlike the current ongoing investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, members of the Commission would not be under the threat of being fired or defunded by the Federal government. They would also not be under the political pressure that we have seen in the House and Senate investigations.

Whatever your political affiliation might be, please call Representative Harris and urge him to support this bill to safeguard our political process and ensure that our elections are only influenced by the will of the American people.

Debbie Gousha

Ocean Pines

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