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2018 elections could be really interesting

Nov 02, 2017



printed 11/03/2017


Well, we’re waiting.

We’re waiting to see what Delegate Mary Beth Carozza (R-38C) will say on Sunday, Nov. 19 at Ocean City Elementary School, where she is expected to announce her plans for the 2018 election.

Will the popular, seen-everywhere Republican challenge the popular, seen-everywhere Democratic State Sen. Jim Mathias in the 38th Legislative District?

And if she does, what would that mean elsewhere on the primary and general election ballots?

Anyone who just emerged from watching the most evenly contested, most exciting World Series matchup in generations might have some idea of how a contest between these two would shape up, albeit on a local scale.

Although the state’s political party leaders probably would cast such a race as a right vs. left philosophical campaign, neither Carozza nor Mathias are like that.

Their task is to try to bring home what their constituents want regardless of who’s in charge, and that means having the ideological flexibility to work with whomever is necessary to get the job done.

With Mathias known for his tireless and effective campaign style and Carozza marching to her own relentlessly energetic beat, this would be one heck of a race.

If it happens.

Meanwhile, what would happen to Carozza’s seat in the House of Delegates were she to run for the Senate?

The informal, all-unofficial, off-the-record word in that regard is that potential candidates are schooling like bluefish around a bait ball, ready to crash the beach.

It is also conceivable that some connected to various branches of local government might make a run, thereby resetting the lineups at those levels as well.

Next year’s elections could turn out to be truly interesting.

All we have to do now is wait and see.

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