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Mar 31, 2017



printed 03/31/2017



On a positive tone and simply put, I would like to commend all Ocean City Council members and Mayor [Rick] Meehan for your continued efforts and hard work in making Ocean City a better place.

No doubt, the love and passion that each and every one of you has for Ocean City is evident to me as a resident who at times attends public City Council Meetings when my schedule permits. I enjoy experiencing the opportunity to watch my local government at work.

No doubt that holding an elected position such as yours, you also hear from residents from the flip side who may not be supportive over an item. Residents expressing their individual concerns of disagreement to you, although appropriate and reasonable, I find most unfortunate the level of negativity about our local elected officials that I read about from some of our local residents.

As residents, we have the right to express our thoughts and opinions and understandingly not all will be expressed in a positive light. It appears to me from what I continuously read in local publications that some of our residents seem to take objection with a great number of topics and may not be happy with officials at all.

I am a resident of Ocean City and in my ninth year here and see our local town government elected officials in a positive light and do appreciate the tough job that you all are doing. There is no doubt in my mind that you are passionate about Ocean City, you care about its residents, and you make decisions that you feel are best for Ocean City.

It’s a given that not all your decisions as a group will be pleasing to all, but that comes with the job.  From one resident who wanted to express my overall thumbs up to you all. Thank you for serving Ocean City!

Doug Antos

Ocean City

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