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Beach patrol reports rip currents likely this wknd.

By Katie Tabeling | Aug 31, 2017

(Sept. 1, 2017) The Ocean City Beach Patrol continues to warn visitors that the waters will likely be rough this weekend.

“What we saw earlier was a lot of choppy surf and wind,” Beach Patrol Lt. Ward Kovacs said Wednesday morning. “The water is clearing up and we’re seeing a lot of strong rip currents form. We’re on a restricted swimming advisory, and we’ve made four to five rescues so far.”

The National Weather Service issued a rip current advisory Tuesday as a potential tropical storm traveled up the East Coast.

Ocean City was hit with winds ranging between 20 to 39 mph and 2.69 inches of rain.

Kovacs said that the ocean was so treacherous most people stayed out of the water, but there were two surf rescues.

“Large waves churned up by storms cut holes in the sandbar, creating conditions for rip currents,” he said. “Once the conditions are created, it takes less wave activity to create rips even when storms are out of the area.”

Rip currents can can exhaust swimmers who are caught in them. To escape, swimmers should turn and swim parallel to the shore until they are free of the current.

Kovacs said another way to play it safe in the ocean is to stay near a stand.

“With the lifeguards spaced out every four to five blocks, it’s incredibly important to swim near a stand. If you’re unsure of the conditions, talk to them and find out,” he said.

Lifeguards are on duty from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


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