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Catching waves during Hawaii trip

Surf Report
By Dave Dalkiewicz | Nov 16, 2017

(Nov. 17, 2017) The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Two years ago I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Hawaii. Good friend and new Hawaii resident, Kranston, was taking the big step of marriage and had bestowed an invitation to the ceremony and festivities.

The perfect excuse was apparent, as if one was even necessary, and a slow time of the year coupled with a few extra Ben Franklins enabled me to make the journey.

Hawaii is generally regarded as the birthplace of modern surfing and although there are many very good wave areas around the world, the Hawaiian Islands are considered the Mecca and a pilgrimage that every surfer seems to want to partake in.

It had been a very long time since first going. I always wanted to return, but in all honesty, had a pervading fear that a situation could easily arise where conditions would be just too heavy and drowning a possibility.

Of course this could happen in any aquatic surrounding, but consequences in the big leagues can be just bigger.

At any rate, I found an attitude adjustment to be in line. Instead of being compelled to attempt the biggest and best, the throttle was pulled back a bit to simply take what came and not make it an epic campaign. After all, the stay was to be short with not much “warm-up” time, shall we say.

I still have yet to figure out if cunning and experience can overcome youth and enthusiasm. It’s probably a combination of all factors, but nothing seems to take the place of time in the water and hopefully good quality time at that.

But back to the story. Long-time compadre and Hawaii resident, Tyrus, lives in an area directly adjacent to a series of well-known, high-performance big waves. He had just acquired a new molded board, nicely done though not of traditional construction. He’s out surfing one day with a group of local types. Nothing unusual.

Myopa is a long-time resident and builder of surfboards in the traditional manner and comes paddling out for a few waves. Upon seeing Tyrus straddling his new board he immediately paddles up to him and bellows in no uncertain terms, “You need to come and see me.”

Obviously, Myopa was not quite enamored with Tyrus’ new acquisition and insisted that Tyrus come to, at least, consult, figuring that he should be the source of a new board for Tyrus.

It should be noted that Tyrus and Myopa are well acquainted in that Myopa had made boards for Tyrus in the past.

Time progresses and we are past the fiesta of Kranston’s wedding. Tyrus had yet to consult with Myopa, apparently feeling no urgency.

An afternoon finds a group of us, one-time East Coast crew, with me being the only current one, surfing one of the many breaks on the North Shore of Oahu.

In attendance – Jamiah, Kranston, Tyrus and myself. Everyone got their fill with yours truly taking a few dues-paying heavies on the head.

Back to the parked cars on the highway and who should pull over but the aforementioned Myopa.

This was not out of the ordinary. The North Shore is really a small area. Smaller in fact than Ocean City, Maryland.

What was unusual, though, was that Myopa had a particular surfboard on his car. This board was precisely particular for Tyrus. No order had been placed. No meeting had occurred. Was this board specifically made? Had it been in stock?

Myopa is known as quite the character so this visit/delivery maybe not so unexpected. The one thing I was sure of though, in hefting Tyrus’ new equipment to load onto his truck, “What a beautiful board.”

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