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City to expand water facilities on VFW site

New water treatment plant planned for 66th Street spot purchased for $795K
By Katie Tabeling | Oct 09, 2017

(Oct. 6, 2017) The former site of the Veterans of Foreign Wars post on 66th Street is destined to become Ocean City government property, following the City Council’s approval Monday night of a deal to buy the land for $795,000.

Public Works Director Hal Adkins said he plans to build a new water treatment plant in the VFW’s place.

“We’ve been planning for a number of years of constructing a new treatment plant mid-island, and we happened to be at the right place and the right time,” he said. “We’ve been working on this since 2011, and it’s just now starting to come together. That day of construction is not for another four or five years.”

The public works department recently commissioned a study of a treatment plant design. Ultimately, resort officials would use the 66th Street facility to replace a nearly half-century-old treatment plant at 44th Street.

“It’s the oldest one we have, it has outdated technology and it’s landlocked,” Adkins said. “We’re surrounded by developments like the bank, the 45th Street Village and the bay. We’ve built wall-to-wall and we have no ability to expand there.”

The 44th Street location also has no desalination capability, which could be needed some day. There is room to expand the water treatment plants at 14th and 136th for this equipment.

The 14th Street plant can process eight million gallons a day. Adkins hopes that the future mid-town plant will process between 12-14 MGD.

“We’re not facing an imminent need for desalination at this time, but it would be remiss not to acknowledge we may face the day where it’s necessary,” he said.

Although construction is years away, Adkins assured the residents that he plans to design the 66th street facility in line with the neighborhood’s aesthetics.

“If you look at all our treatment plants, well houses and sewage pumping sites, they all look like condos,” he said. “Rest assured, you’ll drive by it and not even know it’s there.”

The property sale agreement will go through a second reading on Oct. 16 before the decision is final.

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