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Council grants Commander request for parking spaces

Landmark hotel provided five load/unload spots for one year along 14th Street
By Greg Ellison | Mar 22, 2018
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(March 23, 2018) With extensive renovations at the Commander Hotel increasing bookings in recent years, the City Council approved its request for a handful of 20-minute parking spaces to allow for luggage transfers along 14th Street by the Boardwalk

City Engineer Terry McGean told the council on Monday the Police Commission had recommended one-year approval for the spots during its meeting on March 12.

“I want to clarify these are load/unload spaces, but they are not reserved for any specific hotel,” he said.

The request for dedicated parking spaces is not without precedent, McGean said.

“There are hotel load/unload spaces up and down, particularly in the Baltimore Avenue area,” he said.

In the past, smaller requests were approved at the department level, McGean said.

“The policy has been … I will at the staff level allow up to two, but if it’s more than that it needs to go to the Traffic Commission,” he said.

Councilman Matt James asked how the parking spaces 20-minute time limit would be enforced.

McGean said in similar fashion to paid parking spots, digital chalk would be used to track time.

“With the new [meter] system we’re putting in, they can flag the plate and if it’s there more then 20 minutes it can be ticketed,” he said.

Since joining co-owner Will Lynch in 2013, Todd Burbage told the Police Commission earlier this month, the pair have sunk approximately $5 million to renovate the landmark structure.

Councilman Wayne Hartman said Burbage and Lynch are in the midst of negotiations to acquire additional adjacent parking, which could negate the need for the load/unloading spaces in future years.

“The owners of the hotel have made considerable upgrades and they’re a victim of their own success,” he said.

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