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County approves new water facility construction rules

By Brian Gilliland | Feb 22, 2018

(Feb. 23, 2018) When the county abolished the Worcester County Sanitary Commission in 1993, it quickly found itself without standards to govern the construction of water and wastewater facilities, and so developed a set of rules adopted in 1994, according to Public Works Director John Tustin.

Those standards, collected into a 10-page document, remained in place for almost 25 years. On Tuesday, however, the page count went up, as the Worcester County Commissioners adopted a new set of standards that are substantially more detailed, resulting in a 236-page document.

The full standards are available for review at the Government Center in Snow Hill, or on the county’s website at www.co.worcester.md.us.

The new rules affect water and wastewater facilities constructed by private entities, Tustin said, and went into effect following the commissioners’ unanimous vote.

“It’s a rather large document so developers and engineers know what we’re expecting to see,” he said.

The rules took one year to develop, and are based on what already exists here.

“These updated specifications include information on products and procedures that have been successfully implemented on other projects within the county,” Tustin wrote to the board.

“Additionally, the document adds a consolidated package of construction details and a listing of specific products approved for use when constructing water or wastewater facilities within the county for turnover to the county commissioners for future operation and maintenance.”


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