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County to begin curb repairs

By Brian Gilliland | Oct 05, 2017

(Oct. 6, 2017) The commissioners approved a bid proposal for repairs and restoration of more than a mile of curbs, valley gutters and curb heads in the Ocean Reef, Oyster Harbor, Deer Point, Whispering Woods and Mystic Harbour neighborhoods.

The improvements will be paid for using leftover funds from the county’s unrestricted transportation grant.

Public Works Director John Tustin said the county had not embarked on a project like this before, while Commissioner Merrill Lockfaw wondered if the county wasn’t setting a precedent by repairing curbs that may have been damaged by delivery trucks or other business-related activities.

“If it’s in our right-of-way, it’s our responsibility,” Tustin said.

Commissioner Jim Bunting asked if the remaining funds in the transportation grant would be enough to cover the cost, and Tustin assured him there would be more than enough. Tustin estimated the cost of the repairs to be about $35 per foot.

The project includes an end date of May 30, 2018 when all work is to be completed by the contractor. Penalties would be imposed on the contractor for missing the end date, with the amount ranging from $80 per day to $400 per day, based upon the final value of the contract. No start date was provided.

Bids are being accepted until Oct. 23 at the Government Center in Snow Hill.

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