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Dalkiewicz provides rundown of recent OC surf conditions

Surf Report
By Dave Dalkiewicz | Oct 30, 2017

(Oct. 27, 2017) Currently we find ourselves in what, I think, can best be described as a period of transition.

Mid-day can still seem like summer but nights are turning cool with a general drying out of our atmosphere. The autumn season is a personal favorite.

Assuming a decent run of summer tourism, fall is a time to regroup, catch one’s breath, take some time off, and get a few long put-off projects done before the cold sets in.

Hopefully the surf will cooperate as has been the case these last few months. Seems as though there’s been swell in the water for quite a while now.

From more typical knee-to-waist high conditions to solid, well-overhead long lines from distant hurricanes, there’s been activity that is commanding of attention. At the risk of causing confusion, this doesn’t mean that the surf is always “perfect,” but the basic ingredient has indeed been present.

Once past the “motor” weekends of September and early October, this promise of autumn really shines. There are still plenty of people around but they seem much more reasonable, more socially conscious toward their fellow man.

Restrictions are no longer in effect. The before 10 a.m. after 5:30 p.m. mantra won’t be happening again until next Memorial Day.

We kind of get the town back to ourselves. Restaurant lines are short if evident at all. If one is astute enough some special can be had somewhere most any weeknight, another little perk of the season.

For a good-quality surfing wave to occur a lot of elements have to come together.  The aforementioned “swell-in-the-water” is an absolute foundation. Direction of that swell, bottom contours when it finally meets the shoreline, height, intensity, period, local winds and tides all play a part.

This good-quality surfing wave is actually a not-so-often occurrence. Those of us that care really consider it a precious natural resource. Truth be told, it’s often necessary to travel to get to the best conditions.

As a rule, surfers tend to become nomadic in order to get to the best possible surf.

The last few weeks have also featured a few competitions. An Eastern Surfing Association-Delmarva District contest was held on Sept. 30 at 36th Street in more than acceptable conditions. The Delaware Surfrider Chapter held a competition on Oct. 15 at north side of Indian River Inlet in some of the best waves I’ve seen in months.

So there you have it. A little rundown on recent goings on. If one has to declare a surf season around here, fall is probably it, although as far as I can tell, the surf can come on at any time. Regardless, take advantage of what is given in this most beautiful of seasons, because it certainly is a nice time of the year.

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