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Delegate race narrows to three as Shaffer drops out

Spokesman confirms exit from campaign; candidate declines to make statement
By Brian Gilliland | May 03, 2018

(May 4, 2018) The campaign spokesman for Republican House of Delegates candidate Jim Shaffer, Mike Hindi, confirmed the campaign is over and the candidate is no longer seeking the Legislative District 38C seat.

Shaffer declined to be interviewed, or make a statement for the purposes of this story.

The seat vacated by Mary Beth Carozza as she challenges incumbent Jim Mathias to represent District 38 in the State Senate had been pursued by four Republican candidates: Wayne Hartman, Joe Schanno, Ed Tinus and Shaffer.

Shaffer’s name will still be on the primary ballot on June 26.

Hindi declined to speculate on what Shaffer would do should he win the election.

“The campaign is over,” Hindi said.

Since Maryland holds closed primaries, which means only people registered to a political party is eligible to vote in that party’s primary, the race will be more or less decided at the primary.

No Democrats filed to run.


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