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Disappointed by remarks from Mathias, Carozza

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Dec 21, 2017



printed 12/22/2017



It is disappointing to read the comments by Senate candidate Carozza and our current state Sen. Jim Mathias.

Clearly, neither candidate has fully engaged with the local communities or visited their homes to understand the magnitude of the expansion of industrial scale poultry houses on rural communities.

Why is Ms. Carozza so angry? This bill is simply a data-gathering study.

Because of the Eastern Shore delegation’s steadfast opposition to this legislation, the people in these communities had to go to “across the bridge” to find help.

Not surprisingly, the western shore legislators are concerned about the air quality on the Eastern Shore and for good reason.

They want all of Maryland’s communities to live with clean air and clean water.

We all need to know what is in the air we breathe. Let’s have this study happen and then move forward to protect the Eastern Shore’s communities from industrial air emissions. Current regulations protect us from other industrial discharges by requiring monitoring of emissions and discharges. Why should the poultry industry be exempt from this?

The Community Healthy Air Act is about bringing emission monitoring to the Eastern Shore so we will all know what is in the air we breathe.

The lower Eastern Shore does not have an air monitoring station, and our rivers have all had the in-stream water quality monitoring stations re

moved. The public has a right to know if the air they breathe and the water they drink, fish or swim in is safe.

Kathy Phillips

Exec. Director/Assateague Coastkeeper, Assateague Coastal Trust

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