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Disaster recovery outfit to tackle Alamo recovery

By Brian Gilliland | May 10, 2018
Photo by: Brian Gilliland Some of the work being done on The Alamo motel on Route 50.

(May 11, 2018) One of the area’s oldest and perhaps one of its more notorious motels, The Alamo, is getting a complete makeover courtesy of Mark Odachowski, new food and beverage options by Neely and Ryan James of Mother’s Cantina, and a new Caribbean theme as well as a self-contained resort atmosphere.

The Alamo has stood sentinel along Route 50 in West Ocean City since the 1940s, with a large sign and bright colors, but those were the last two remaining high points of a motel whose reputation was best left behind.

Despite that, Odachowski said he is keeping the name.

“We thought about changing the name, but if you change the name but don’t change the establishment, then you really haven’t changed anything,” he said. “It’s easy to change the name.”

Besides, he said, everyone was just going to call it The Alamo anyway, no matter what his team ended up deciding to call it.

With that said, the name and the walls are basically all that will be left over from the whirlwind revamp and opening.

“Everything went into the dumpster. We moved 5,140 cubic yards of material into the dump,” he said. “Everything is brand new, clean and safe. The Alamo of old is gone. We’re trying to make it more than right.”

He’s trying to make it more than right more than fast, too. Odachowski said he expects to be open in two weeks.

“We’re in disaster recovery and disaster cleanup — this is what we do,” Odachowski, owner of Royal Plus Electric, said. “This town finally gets to see what we do elsewhere.”

He said they replaced the plumbing, wiring, fixtures — everything. The layout will remain the same, while everything else will change.

Odachowski said he was taking his inspiration from the Caribbean as he creates the new Alamo.

“The idea is for block buildings with metal roofs,” he said.

In keeping with the theme, a poolside bar has been added, along with a volleyball court, cornhole setup and the existing horseshoes pit.

The food and beverage provider has also been named.

“What he is envisioning and what we are going to be is so awesome in that location,” Neely James, of Mother’s Cantina, said. “We’re building out a small resort.”

At this point, with the reopening date so close, James said there wouldn’t be a lot of surprises on the menu to start, which is good news for fans of the popular 28th Street oceanside restaurant.

“We really want to bring the essence of what Mother’s is to the new Alamo and to add in new tropical drinks, with fresh fruit and tropical flavors,” she said. “Eventually we’ll add in other styles of food to broaden our offerings, but we’re going to stick with what we know for now.”

James said she and husband Ryan were considering expanding Mother’s Cantina, but not into another restaurant — they were thinking about catering, or wholesaling, but Odachowski’s offer came in at the right time with the right idea.

The impromptu team is working hard, and fast in order to catch the summer 2018 season. Odachowski said the property came on the market about three weeks ago, and he was competing with eight other buyers, but he said he eventually won out with a cash offer and is expecting to go to closing any day now.

Along with motel rooms, Odachowski said there would be seasonal rental units for visiting workers or members of the Beach Patrol, for example.

Though the new Alamo is expected to open in just a few weeks, the ribbon cutting is expected on June 12.

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