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Don’t despair, spring and summer on horizon

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By Dave Dalkiewicz | Feb 15, 2018

(Feb. 16, 2018) This is a real in-between time of the year. It’s kind of a rough patch, one that can seem to last a bit too long.

The holidays, as in Christmas and the new year, are way back. The Super Bowl is over. President’s Day weekend is near, with St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon. But the stubborn winter will linger on and on.

Meteorological spring actual starts the first of March but the equinox, the astronomical method, not until March 20. This is when the time length of day and night are the same.

By now, most of us have probably had enough of winter and are ready for some warmer weather.

The harsh reality though is that winter will linger for another two and a half months, at least 10 weeks or so.

Inland will see rising temperatures as spring nears, but it’s a different story right at the coast. The culprit of course is lingering, cold water temperatures. It makes all the difference.

At present, the water is ranging around 40 degrees and won’t rise above the mid-40s for another two months. Only a mile or so inland will produce a dramatic difference.

Shorts and T-shirts might be the uniform in Berlin, Salisbury, or the big city areas, but on the beach another tale will be told. It’s always easy to tell if someone has come from an inland locale at a soon-to-be time of year.

Not long ago I recall judging a contest in New Jersey in mid-May of that year. A late Nor’easter was in full swing and the air cooled by the cold water was brutal. Two pairs of socks, long underwear, even gloves were used just trying to approach some semblance of comfort.

Some of the crew that had come up from Florida were forced to buy extra clothing just to finish the event. Stuff that they probably won’t ever need again.

There are ways to mitigate this extended time period. Too much can’t be said about winter wetsuit gear, certainly needed just to survive this still winter season. No restrictions, no crowds, no traffic, plus winter weather systems oft times have a better chance of producing a good swell.

It’s a no brainer that if you are a surfer of any degree in this area your collection of equipment will include a practical wardrobe of wetsuits.

This is also a great time frame for a trip of some sort. The longer the better of course but any period of time will do. Winter airfares are often reduced if travel can be avoided around spring break and Easter periods.

Even a quick road trip a few hours to the south might be all you need to keep the stoke level high.

So hang in, don’t despair, winter will soon be a memory. Yes, it will take a bit longer and won’t come as quickly as desired or as soon as our inland brethren, but come it will.

When it does, it’ll be even better if one can stay water active in these off-season times.

— Dave Dalkiewicz is the owner of Ocean Atlantic Surf Shop in Ocean City.

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