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Easton man using headlock, armbar on OCPD arrested

By Katie Tabeling | Aug 10, 2017

(Aug. 11, 2017) Two Easton men were arrested after one allegedly attacked an Ocean City Police officer and the other fled the scene of the brawl late last Saturday night.

Around 11:37 p.m., police answered a call about a fight on the Boardwalk near 17th Street. When Dfc. Shawn Lindsey arrived on the scene, he saw two men, one later identified as 20-year-old Roel R. Martinez that were “visibly out of breath and agitated,” according to police reports. The other man was shirtless and had fresh abrasions on his body.

After Lindsey told them to stop, both men started walking quickly away towards 16th Street. They also ignored repeated orders to stop. The men stopped only after backup arrived. Lindsey began questioning them on the fight.

By that point, Joshua D. Greenwood, 20, interrupted the questioning and grabbed the unidentified man and said “everyone is drunk and I’m taking him with me,” police said.

Greenwood reportedly ignored Lindsey’s orders to step aside and kept putting himself between him and the man. When Lindsey put a hand on Greenwood’s shoulder, he allegedly shoved him.

Lindsey repeated his order, but Greenwood refused and stepped closer. When the officer pushed Greenwood, he allegedly grabbed him.

Greenwood then put Lindsey in a headlock and punched him in the face and head several times, according to reports. To get out of the hold, the officer struck Greenwood in the midsection and face.

At that time, both ended up on the ground, where Greenwood grabbed Lindsay’s left arm and wrapped his legs around him “in an attempt to break the arm,” according to police reports. Police said that after Lindsey freed himself, he and another officer attempted to arrest the struggling Greenwood.

Another officer shot Greenwood with a Taser to get him to stop fighting. After he was handcuffed, he screamed that he was “going to kill the officers and their families and make them bleed like stuck pigs.”

During the alleged assault, Martinez ran to a nearby hotel and entered one of its rooms. He was found an hour later and identified by the unit’s occupant.

Greenwood is charged with intentionally injuring an officer, two counts of second-degree assault, failure to obey a lawful order and resisting arrest. Martinez is charged with breaking and entering and intoxicated endangerment of hotel property.

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