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Editorial failed to present factory farm summit facts

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Dec 21, 2017



printed 12/22/2017



In response to the editorial posted Dec. 15.

Once again, the Eastern Shore proves its arrogance and ignorance. Its fine to write an editorial on the fact that a Montgomery County senator is concerned about the residents and communities of the shore, but let’s get the facts first.

The Factory Farm summit was in Ocean City sponsored by Socially Responsible Agricultural Project, bringing communities, farmers and other organizations together to talk about issues, get assistance and educate themselves about better farming practices.

And yes, for those concerned, there were Eastern Shore farmers in the room and at the conference that weekend. The conference provided great insight on how communities can help farmers, and how farmers can help each other. In no way does the Community Healthy Air Act hurt local farmers. It is to collect data and data only to understand the impacts of the growing industry on communities’ health.

The real issue is the fact that multiple communities reached out to Sen. Madaleno for assistance when our own Eastern Shore representatives suddenly became deaf to our pleas and concerns. Sen. Madaleno cares about the shore and its farmers more than the bills opponents’ want you to think.

He is a man of integrity and actually cares about the well being of all Maryland residents. Perhaps our representatives could learn a few pointers from him and start representing the people, and not the industry.

Gabby Cammarata


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