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Florida man charged after hiding inside Rt. 50 bridge

Resort police, EMS, Coast Guard responded Monday for reluctant water rescue
By Katie Tabeling | Jul 27, 2017

(July 28, 2017) A man who climbed out of the water and then made his way into mechanical area of the Route 50 bridge in an apparent attempt to avoid rescue was arrested Monday morning by the Ocean City police.

Joshuah C. Miller, 26, of Venice, Florida was spotted by police as he hung onto one of the bridge pilings around 2:30 a.m.

When police asked Miller if he was in trouble, he reportedly gave officers a thumbs-up and told them his friends had thrown him in the water.

But when police told him that the U.S. Coast Guard was on the way to take him ashore, Miller reportedly swore and pulled himself into the internal workings of the bridge.

A Coast Guard boat arrived, but left after the crew unsuccessfully pleaded with Miller for 10 minutes to come out of hiding. Ocean City Emergency Medical Services also arrived on the scene.

Eventually, Ocean City Police got the keys for the drawbridge’s maintenance hatches. When one officer went into the south hatch, Miller allegedly moved toward the north hatch to avoid the police, according to police reports.

When Miller was finally convinced to come out of the bridge’s undercarriage, Ocean City Police arrested him for trespassing.

Miller was also charged with endangering the safety of emergency responders while being intoxicated. Officers said he was “extremely intoxicated,” according to charging documents.

Two officers said they sustained minor scrapes and bruises during their efforts to retrieve Miller from the bridge’s undercarriage.

The maximum penalty for intoxicated endangerment and trespassing is 90 days in jail for both misdemeanor charges or a fine of $100 and $500, respectively. Miller’s trial is set for Sept. 15.


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