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Foist troublesome event off onto another resort

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Oct 05, 2017



printed 10/06/2017



It’s time to revisit that old definition of insanity ... asking the same question over and over and expecting a different result.

Once again, can we permanently ban the H2Oi cabal?  This herd is woefully disrespectful, noisy, arrogant and broke, i.e., car-rich, beach poor. They are simply not welcome in our precious, homespun community. Where I’m from, we would give them the city’s paper key!  Ever open a door with ... well, you get it.

My solution is quite simple, and noble for our neighbors to the south. I propose the mayor pony up $5,000, send it to the Virginia Beach mayor as a “signing bonus” and send them off. Forever. After all, Virginia is for ...

In closing, I don’t know how Ocean City could exist without the H2Oi folks, but damn it next year we’re sure gonna try.

Paper key, my friend, paper key.

Rob Dittler

Ocean City

P.S. Since I haven’t slept in 3 nights, this note may appear fuzzy. Sorry.


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