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Ft. Whaley camp expansion slows to focus on WWTP

By Brian Gilliland | Jun 22, 2017

(June 23, 2017) At the owners’ request, the Worcester County Commissioners agreed Tuesday to repeal a previous ruling allowing the construction of a wastewater treatment plant to proceed at the same time the developer worked to add 63 campsites to the Ft. Whaley campground.

Previously, local counsel on the project, Hugh Cropper, asked that both projects be allowed to proceed concurrently. However, Cropper noted, the new campsites wouldn’t be usable until the current septic system is removed and the treatment plant built.

Finding its attention divided, the owners, Sun Communities, decided to focus instead on completing the water and sewer project before turning to the campsite project.

“It is strictly a matter of timing and we will continue to coordinate with your office on the most appropriate timing for resubmittal to MDE (Maryland Department of the Environment)” Cropper wrote to Bob Mitchell, county director of environmental programs.

The MDE had been reviewing the amendment approved by the commissioners in December, and Mitchell reported the state notified him on May 1 that it was extending its review.

This decision does not affect the previous approval of the expansion, Mitchell wrote to the commissioners, but another expansion request would have to go through the local approval process again.

That process starts with the planning commission, and will eventually return to the county commissioners.

Ft. Whaley is at the intersection of Route 50 and Dale Road in eastern Worcester, and currently offers 210 campsites.

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