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Sep 14, 2017



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I want to thank the Ocean City Community for the generous outpouring of love, given to the family and friends of Veronika Badurova. On Aug. 30, Veronika was riding her bike and was struck by a car, which ended up taking her life.

As the pastor of Ocean City Baptist Church, we take great responsibility on ministering to the J-1 students who come to Ocean City every summer.  We believe as we minister to these students we are helping local businesses run their business more effectively.

We believe we help the city attract more visitors, as they are happier and more hospitable to summer visitors. But most importantly we believe that we are obeying the commands of Jesus to love our neighbor and to share the Gospel with the World.

Every summer we pray for safety and that tragedy never comes to this city. But we also know that Jesus taught us that this world is not perfect and therefore trials and tragedy will come. During these tragedies, we strive to help those who are suffering.

On Thursday, Sept. 8 we hosted a dinner for many of the students affected by this tragedy. Several local restaurants including Mug and Mallet, Paul Revere Smorgasboard, The Alibi Room, Clucking Crab, and Pickles Pub donated a full meal to these students. Many of these students told me they had never experienced something so generous. They couldn’t believe that people cared as much as they did.

We also collected an offering to be used for Veronika’s family. We did this only to help the family with travel expenses. We soon found out that there was a need for extra income to be used for funeral arrangements. Many in the community reached out and gave.

The chamber of commerce as well as the Harrison Group reached out and helped the family with lodging. Veronika’s employer, Premier Pools, helped with plane tickets and then many others gave. After counting what came in on-line and in Sunday’s offering, the community gave $5,344.

We will be sending this money to her family who has already gone home. In addition, the family asked us to thank the many who gave to help them during this difficult time. We also ask that you continue to pray for the many friends and family as they grieve.

Sean Davis

Pastor, Ocean City Baptist Church

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