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Georgetown man convicted of rape in resort

Sentencing dependent on visiting judge’s schedule, associate on trial this week
By Brian Gilliland | Dec 07, 2017
Isaac Lopez

(Dec. 8, 2017) Finding the theories that the victim didn’t properly remember the evening, and that she fell asleep during a consensual act unconvincing, Judge Newton Jackson on Monday convicted Isaac Lopez, 22, of Georgetown, Delaware of felony rape, two felony sexual assaults and assault in the second degree.

Jackson did not schedule sentencing after Monday’s trial because he is a visiting judge, and his schedule will dictate when sentencing occurs. Lopez faces a maximum of 50 years in jail plus a possible monetary fine for the offenses.

Lopez posted a $25,000 bond after bail was set on June 2, and had been free until the trial’s conclusion, when he was remanded to the custody of the Sheriff’s Office.

Lopez was acquitted of two other misdemeanor charges of possessing and publishing obscene material with the intent to distribute. Taylor Bell, 24, a friend of Lopez and an acquaintance of the victim is facing similar charges in circuit court this week.

According to testimony during Lopez’s trial, Bell shot a video of the April 13 incident.

The victim told the court she and some friends attended the grand opening party of a local establishment in April, when they met Bell and Lopez. The groups mingled sporadically during the evening, and eventually decided to share a cab over to a local hotel room after last call. The trip to the hotel was ostensibly to pick up the boyfriend of a member of the victim’s group before heading uptown.

The victim said she was told by Lopez and Bell there was an after-party uptown. Lopez testified there was no mention of a party and the offer was to simply continue the evening.

However, the plans changed upon arrival at the hotel, as the other members of the groups save Lopez, Bell and the victim decided to call it a night.

The trio decided to share a cab uptown. Upon arrival, the victim said she was surprised to find no party at the condo, but with dawn only a few hours away at this point, she said she decided to sleep. She said she went to sleep fully clothed, with her purse still strapped on her shoulder.

She said she was awakened later by a light shining on her face, apparently from Bell’s phone taking the photos and video that were submitted into evidence. Police believe, from the file creation date on the phone, that the images were captured between 3:40 and 4 a.m.

She said upon awaking, she wrestled Lopez off after a few attempts and came to the realization she had been raped. Her pants had been removed, and after she located them in the room, she fled the condo.

Outside, she found an Ocean City police officer and reported the incident. She was taken to Atlantic General Hospital for medical treatment.

Lopez said it was too dark to see anything during the encounter, and that the victim must have fallen asleep sometime during the act, which coincided with the time of the video, but maintained it was a consensual event.

Both victim and Lopez tested positive for alcohol use following the incident. The victim was over the legal limit to drive when she was tested at the hospital, and Lopez was found under the limit by police.


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