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Gerald Lusby back behind bars after jury trial for DUI

Selbyville man found guilty of his 12th drunk driving state violation since 1994
By Brian Gilliland | Feb 15, 2018
Gerald Lusby

(Feb. 16, 2018) The man called ‘Worcester’s most dangerous driver’ by Interim State’s Attorney Bill McDermott doesn’t even live in Worcester, except for when he’s incarcerated here.

Gerald Lusby, 46, of Selbyville, Delaware was convicted by a jury in 20 minutes last week for driving while impaired by alcohol — his 12th drunk driving-related offense.

Lusby’s oeuvre dates to 1994 and includes citations in Annapolis, Hyattsville, Glen Burnie, Upper Marlboro district courts as well as Howard County and Charles County district courts. He was not convicted of every charge for every incident for which he received a citation.

According to public records, he has had 31 traffic-related citations in Maryland since 1994. He has also faced criminal charges in several different courts throughout the state, but not every case has resulted in a conviction.

In the past, Lusby has had several charges either placed on the state docket, or not pursued by prosecutors.

The circumstances of his most recent court appearance occurred on Sept. 17, 2017, when Lusby was cited for speeding, driving under the influence and driving while impaired. He was found not guilty of speeding and DUI.

Calling Lusby’s the most remarkable driving record he’s ever seen, Judge Richard Bloxom sentenced him to the maximum of three years in jail, and a $1,000 fine.

In January 2015, Lusby was in Worcester County Circuit Court for his 11th alcohol-related offense, and was convicted of driving under the influence by a jury in about 30 minutes.

“I have to think about the protection of the public,” Judge Thomas Groton said as he sentenced Lusby to a year in jail, “this is one thing I can do to keep citizens safe for as long as I can.”

At the time, it was the strongest sentence a judge could issue for this particular offense. Since then, the maximum has been increased to what Lusby received last week: three years in jail and a fine.

McDermott, who prosecuted Lusby in 2015, said the “He is perhaps the most dangerous driver in all of Worcester County … the moment he’s incarcerated, Worcester County is a safer place,” he said at the previous trial.

Following the most recent trial, McDermott said, “the Ocean City Police Department and Assistant State’s Attorney Lauren Bourdon may have saved untold lives today with the incarceration of Mr. Lusby. The people of this county can travel our roads with a sigh of relief knowing that Mr. Lusby is in prison for the next three years.”


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