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Handicapped should not pay parking fees

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Mar 22, 2018



printed 03/23/2018


This letter was sent to Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan, Councilman Dennis Dare and City Manager Doug Miller and forwarded to Ocean City Today.


You all should be ashamed of yourself. Obviously, the only people you want coming to Ocean City are healthy people.

By putting [a] restriction on the handicapped people and their family is shameful, evident fully you all have never had to deal with a handicapped person whether family of friend.

Have you ever taken the time to walk the Boardwalk and see how many are out there in wheelchairs, mobility carts, walkers or cane?

Have you ever seen a family taken their crippled child to go to the Boardwalk seeing how hard it is to get them from the car to the wheel chair, obviously not or you would not put a burden on them to have to pay for parking?  Oh, you are being very generous by giving them a little time free.

Do you ever know how many handicapped people just like to go to the Boardwalk just to sit on a bench and enjoy watching people enjoying themselves? When I say people I mean young and old, retired, veterans, some on fixed incomes, and just being able to come to Ocean City and sit, is their entertainment, you are taking all of that away from them by making them have to pay to just sit or walk or ride for a short time.

I have never seen an article about the restriction about the handicapped parking, never heard it in the news. Are you waiting till handicapped come to the Boardwalk park their cars and come back later in the day with a ticket for paying to park.

I hope you all get slammed for this latest new ordinance you have put into effect. I stopped going to Rehoboth, Delaware because of the way they treat their handicapped, and I will do the same for Ocean City.

I live close to Ocean City, but I will have to find my fun time somewhere else. No more watching beautiful sunrise or sunsets.

I hope more people will also take a stand on this. I will be writing to the papers and notifying local stations, so people can see how money hungry this town has gotten, taxes, fees and now the parking.

* Editor Note: Ocean City Today covered the handicapped parking discussion that took place at the Ocean City Council meeting in the Feb. 2 issue. The first hour for handicapped parking will be free.

Rosealee J. Campion



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