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Harris needs to rise above party politics

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Aug 31, 2017



printed 09/01/2017



How can Representative Andy Harris defend his refusal to support an independent commission on Russian interference in our election?

Does he recognize the danger posed to our democracy if we don’t find out what the Russians did and how they did it?

Unable to get an appointment with Congressman Harris, Indivisible Worcester MD members met with a staffer. We petitioned Congressman Harris to support HR 356, the Protecting Our Democracy Act, which would establish a “national commission on foreign influence in the 2016 election.”

Unlike current investigations, it would be bipartisan, independent, and able to investigate both criminal and non-criminal violations. It would publish a report to the American people within 18 months. Its members could not be fired. We requested all of these benefits be conveyed to Congressman Harris.

The response was this email from the staffer:

“Our Chief of Staff has informed me that due to the investigations that are currently underway, Congressman Harris does not see the need to support HR 356 at this time. Thanks to you and your group for bringing your concerns to our attention.”

This reply just flat ignored every issue we expressed. Why can’t Congressman Harris rise above party politics to protect our democracy? What is Congressman Harris afraid of?

Cindy Dillon


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