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Healthy air act needs support

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Mar 01, 2018



printed 03/02/2018



I was happy to see that Sen. [Jim] Mathias has filed his paperwork to seek another term in office.

In this age of divided politics, the people of District 38 have counted on the senator to speak up for all of his constituents regardless of their political party.

He has always been a strong supporter of issues that impact the health and welfare of the people in his community.

Recently, there have been complaints from local residents about the stench, insects, and health problems caused by the increased population of large concentrated animal feeding operations near their homes.

Because of these concerns, the Community Healthy Air Act was introduced into the state legislature that would begin a study of the air emissions around these operations and their impact on local comamunities.

While many residents have lost a significant amount of their property values when these industrialized organizations have moved next door, at least they can be assured that their health will not suffer as well.

No reputable industry would ever support practices that would harm the health of the residents of the community in which they reside, and any politician with a conscience would never support an industry that caused harm to their community.

Making sure that our residents have a right to breath clean air is not a political issue, it is a moral one. Unfortunately, doing the right thing is sometimes hard if politicians don’t feel that the people in their community have their back.

Please call Sen. Mathias and the representative in your area and ask them to support the Community Healthy Air Act. The health of the children and adults on our beautiful Eastern Shore should always be their first priority.

Debbie Gousha

Ocean Pines


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