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Heiser campaign  unfairly targeted

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Mar 08, 2018



printed 03/09/2018



Recently, as a result of an article printed in a local paper, my campaign was unfairly thrust into the center of a controversy.

I am issuing this statement to correct the record. I have never publicly “questioned” my opponent’s decision to appoint Christine Braughler as his campaign treasurer, as he has claimed.

In fact, my campaign has never been contacted by anyone for comment on this issue.

Ms. Braughler’s criminal convictions and the civil judgments against her are public record, easily accessible online through Maryland Judiciary Case Search to any diligent reporter.

If my opponent has an issue with the press challenging his decision-making ability, then I would ask him to direct his response to the press, and not to my campaign.

Unfortunately, in this instance, my opponent chose to direct his response – full of false statements and allegations – to my campaign, leading some readers to assume, erroneously, that I had issued some statement regarding his choice of treasurer.

My campaign has been aware of Ms. Braughler’s criminal past since my opponent first appointed her his treasurer in October 2017.

While I anticipated her criminal history would come to light eventually, it was never my intention to comment publicly on the matter, but rather to run my campaign based on my own plans and priorities for Worcester County, which I continue to do.

I will leave it to the voters of Worcester County to decide whether they think my opponent exercised good judgment in this decision and whether they believe he is qualified to make the difficult decisions required of a State’s Attorney in the future.

By Authority of Citizens for Kris Heiser

Kelly Gee, Treasurer


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