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Hope and a hug for cancer survivor

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May 17, 2018



printed 05/18/2018



Hope is a wonderful word that has many meanings to everyone. One is to cherish a desire with expectations of fulfillment.

In other words, we hope what we want comes true.

Every day, I hope that some person or an organization, discovers the cure for cancer. I hope that friends and relatives won’t contact cancer, I hope that cancer survivors stay in remission and I hope I can comfort someone who has lost a love one to cancer.

As a cancer survivor of 15 years, I preach to people get a checkup, give love and care to patients suffering from cancer and give compassion to people who have lost loved ones. Also, I try to raise funds to help eradicate this disease.

American Cancer Society Relay for Life is a special event. It took place on May 11 at Frontier town in West Ocean City. It was a celebration of life for people who have survived this disease. It also had an atmosphere of hope, faith and love.

Hope for the survivors that good health continues as they walk the first lap, hearing cheers and applause from the audience, faith that someday this dreaded disease will be cured and the love that pours forth from the crowds of people, saying keep fighting, we love you.

The emotion during this lap was overwhelming. There are hugs, tears and feelings of love, so hard to describe. There were close to 100 survivors at this event.

A week or so ago I was out at the store, [and] I saw a lady wearing a sweatshirt that said cancer will be beaten. I went over to her and told her I liked her shirt and that I am also involved in the Relay for Life.

In talking to her, she said she was with a group from North Carolina. After we finished talking, she said “can I give you a hug?”

Here we were, a black lady from North Carolina hugging a white man from Delaware saying we got to work together to beat this disease. We left each other smiling and feeling a little more hopeful.

My hope and wishes are to raise funds for the Relay, no matter what amount. We need the entire community to help.

There is a quote by the great Helen Keller, “I am only one, still I am one, I cannot do everything, still I can do something, I will not refuse to do something I can do.”

To all my friends and loved ones who have endured such suffering from this disease, May God bless you.

Nick Bartolomeo

Selbyville, Delaware

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