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Inlet Dumsers open during appeal

Iconic ice cream stand will operate at least one more summer, trial in November
By Brian Gilliland | Mar 29, 2018
Photo by: File photo Dumser's inlet location

(March 30, 2018) The Boardwalk location of Dumser’s Dairyland will be allowed to operate this summer, as a land ownership dispute between Ocean City government and the restaurant group moves to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.

Both sides have filed motions to extend the time for responses to their opponents’ filings and the parties came to the agreement that there would be no opposition to the extensions as long as the business was allowed to operate this season, Mona Strauss said.

Strauss is the granddaughter of Nathan Rapoport, who struck the original 1966 deal to build his restaurant on the Boardwalk and operate it there for 25 years. The city renewed that lease in 1991 and it expired in 2016.

Ocean City declined to grant another 25-year lease to Rapoport’s heirs, who now operate as Nathans Associates. The city ordered the business to vacate the premises, but the company countered that the city had abandoned the property.

The argument ended up in circuit court, where Judge Dale Cathell ruled in favor of the city, followed by the Nathan’s appeal.

Ocean City Solicitor Guy Ayres said the appeals court has blocked out the first two weeks of November for the hearing, but the final dates for the appeal won’t be known until much closer to the trial.

Public outcry following the decision was loud and sustained. A petition requesting the city to allow Dumser’s to stay on www.change.org has garnered more than 11,000 signatures to date.

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan has issued a statement that said the city will take no action on the property until the appeal was settled.

“In all likelihood, this will not occur until sometime in 2018,” the statement partially reads.

Dumser’s Dairyland operates seven locations in and around Ocean City, with three on the Boardwalk, including the disputed inlet shop.

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