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Jesus at the Beach Music & Ministry Festival next week

By Intern, Morgan Pilz | Jul 27, 2017
Photo by: FILE PHOTO A baptism in the ocean wrapped up the 22nd annual Jesus at the Beach Music & Ministry Festival in Ocean City last year. Pictured, from left, are Ryan Swindell, Linda Vandevander and Isaac Steger.

(July 28, 2017) Hundreds of people are expected to participate in the 23rd annual Jesus at the Beach Music & Ministry Festival, hosted by Son’Spot Ministries, Monday, July 31 to Wednesday, Aug. 2.

The festival will begin at the Ocean City convention center on 40th Street each morning at 10 a.m. and run until roughly 1 p.m. In the evening, activities will take place on the beach from 7-10 p.m.

“Inside [the convention center], there will be praise, worship music, some interpretive dance and teaching from the bible,” said Jesus at the Beach Director, Gary Steger. “Outside is not so much the teaching part. Outside at nighttime would be mostly praise and worship music.”

The free event was first created in 1995 when Son’Spot Ministries was inspired to have a festival where multiple groups can come and enjoy being together for three days.

This year, Son’Spot will welcome seven groups from various churches in Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania that will minister in music, testimony, prayer and immerse in interactive dance. Attendees should bring their own blankets and chairs to the beach.

On Wednesday, a baptism will complete the three-day festival, which is slated to take place around 1 p.m. in the ocean at 42nd Street after the conclusion of a meeting in the convention center.

“[The baptism is] a public demonstration of their faith,” Steger said. “It’s symbolic of the old man being buried and the new man arising. The bible says when you’re born again, you’re a new creature of Christ. So, it’s a public testimony or public demonstration of what occurred spiritually for that person.”

Local sand sculptor Randy Hofman will create one of his masterpieces on the beach Monday night. There will be a T-shirt stand and information canopy set up on the beach at Caroline Street in downtown Ocean City. T-shirts cost $15.

“[It’s] a designated prayer canopy near the Boardwalk and a lot of people come there walking by for us to pray with them,” Steger said. “It becomes a very busy part of what we’re doing. We’ll have prayer counselors, prayers and worship music, some testimonies and some [interpretive dance].”

The event draws a couple thousand people who stop along the Boardwalk and beach to watch the festivities or concerts taking place on the Caroline Street stage.

“It’s just a fun time to get together, kind of like a family reunion,” Steger said. “A lot of the different groups that help us at other times come together at the same time and just enjoy having that fellowship, the teaching, the worship, the music, the dance and the interpretive dance.”

Son’Spot Ministries, on Worcester Street in downtown Ocean City, started in 1981 with daily gatherings for the Bible, fellowship and Christian music. A ministry team or group visits for a week and helps in the daily ministry. The Son’Spot continues to be a missionary outreach of the Body of Christ, emphasizing salvation and victory in Jesus, through evangelism, fellowship and Holy Spirit ministry.

“It’s seeking the Lord, praising the Lord, worshiping the Lord publicly,” Steger said. “That’s the outreach that we’re representing by us publicly praising the Lord and talking about him and having some people [testify]. Someone will get up and talk about how God changed their life so people can hear that and help them. Someone will say, ‘Wow, that sounds like me’ and ‘Look what God did for him, look how he helped them.’”

There is plenty of free parking at the convention center and riding the city bus to downtown festivities is encouraged. The cost is $3 ride-all-day.

Evening ministries will take place in the convention center instead of the beach if there is rain. For more information, call 410-289-1296 or visit www.jesusatthebeach.org.


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