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Knight’s behavior warrants an apology

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Apr 20, 2017



printed 04/21/2017



Every week, I watch the city council meeting broadcast on television. I have to admit that I have grown fond of the “regulars” that faithfully attend to express their opinions about the happenings in our town.

This week, I was appalled at how one of our locals were treated by Counsel Secretary, Mary Knight. She seemed annoyed at the opinions of “Popeye,” who has been an Ocean City tax payer for 30 years, and proceeded to attempt to challenge the validity of his concerns because he is currently an Ocean Pines resident.

I found her questions/comments to be rude, and very unprofessional. The people of this town deserve their five minutes to express themselves. After all, isn’t that why these meetings are open to the public? I feel that she owes him a public apology.

Laura Mazza

Ocean City

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