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Koehler’s ‘Felix Leiter USMC’ fiction novel ‘action-packed’

By Kara Hallissey | Jan 25, 2018

(Jan. 26, 2018) Ocean City resident Edward Koehler debuted his first fiction novel, “Felix Leiter USMC,” last month, which can be purchased in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.com.

The fast-paced adventure novel follows a lieutenant in the Marine Corps who is sent on an “easy mission” to deliver night vision goggles and laser targeting computers in Iraq.

“He has this comfortable life at home before being sent on a mission where his plane gets shot down and he has to parachute out into the desert – 30 miles from where they are supposed to be,” Koehler said. “A couple of days later, they are sent to track down weapons of mass destruction. After they get on the ground in the desert, all hell breaks loose and there are a lot of action scenes.”

Fictional character “Felix Leiter” finds himself in the middle of the action alongside SEAL Team One during the 138-page adventure novel. Although the page-turner is based on actual events, the names, locations and scenes have been changed and partially fabricated, Koehler said.

“It is action-packed and a fast read especially when they run into Iraqi forces,” Koehler said. “The target audience is males, 16 years and up. It is a good read or present for a son or daughter overseas in the military.”

Koehler had been working on the idea for “Felix Leiter USMC,” for about 10 years and also took a writer’s workshop class.

“I went to class every week, would write a half of a chapter and receive input from other students who would critique my work,” Koehler said. “It took about a year and a half to edit.”

Koehler also has two other adventure novels in the works with “Felix Leiter” as the reoccurring protagonist, who is based on “James Bond.”

“At the end of the book, he is in the hospital in Germany with a broken leg,” Koehler said. “He is asked to join another mission, this time with the CIA, when he gets better.”

Koehler’s second novel of the series, “Felix Leiter CIA,” is currently being edited with an expected spring release date. His third book, “Felix Leiter FBI,” is in its development stages.

“It is completely fantasy and a fun read,” Koehler said. “Two authors I enjoy reading are Ian Fleming and Dashiell Hammett. The novel is straightforward. You follow the character and see why he makes decisions.”

“Felix Leiter USMC,” can be purchased in paperback for $20 and on Kindle for $9.99 at Amazon.com.

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