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Lend helping hand to Harvey victims

Aug 31, 2017



printed 09/01/2017


As is the custom in these parts when tragedy strikes elsewhere, northern Worcester County residents are preparing to do what they can to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Following this tradition is one of the few times when it is perfectly acceptable to say, “That’s how we’ve always done it.” One reason for our propensity for charitable giving following weather-related disasters is that, as coastal residents ourselves, we know we might one day be on the receiving end of a similar calamity.

Giving, however, can be confusing because the rise of so many fund drives and appeals in the aftermath of these tragedies makes it difficult to discern where our contributions are actually going.

To that end, Charity Navigator at www.charitynavigator.org can help. It rates thousands of charities, and has established a Hurricane Harvey section that lists multiple legitimate ways to give.

Among them, obviously, are the American Red Cross, the United Way, the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, as well as Houston-area charities, including the Houston Food Bank and the Houston SPCA.

Locally, Shamrock Realty of Ocean Pines has launched a clothing drive (see ad on page 42) and other businesses and organizations will follow with their own campaigns.

As this happens, the Bayside Gazette and Ocean City Today will provide free advertising space and layout services for all legitimate efforts to help.

Call either office and we’ll go to work for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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