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By Dave Dalkiewicz | Mar 01, 2018

(March 2, 2018) Let’s continue with the recent theme of the extended winter and ways of mitigation.

Even though spring is right round the corner, the beach, the seaside towns, and specifically the water temperature, has other ideas.

Let’s call it the Latent Winter. We get paid back, rather nicely, I might add, in the fall season, with an extended summer, but for now the old man hangs on.

Now as much as it’s great to get away, that’s not to say that our here and now situation isn’t important. Oft times in these reports I allude to the great function of wetsuits.

It’s been true since I became aware of them and they only seem to get better. Thus it opens up the grand opportunity of being able to surf without having to regard the harshness of the cold. More difficult, yes. Counterintuitive, without a doubt. But that only adds to the experience and makes it better.

Getting back to the matter at hand though, a getaway mitigates the situation quite well. In the spirit of, the longer the better, Bill and Kevan Thomson seem to have just about mastered the situation.

They’ve been traveling to Hawaii during the winter season for quite a few years. They seem to get it more wired all the time. Posting up on the North Shore of Oahu, though the entire area is still considered “country,” they’ve managed to find a spot in the “suburbs.”

It’s such a good situation that they’ve become regulars on the landlord’s schedule. Committed enough to this yearly trek, a storage container is part of the situation. Shipping gear and equipment back and forth can become quite expensive, so this notion tends to work out quite well.

A highlight of their stay is the Buffalo Keaulana Big Board Classic Surf Festival held every February on the West side at Makaha. More of a fun event than a contest, there are all sorts of offbeat categories with points for moves and poses such as “the coffin” or the “cockroach.” The emphasis is on fun, laughter, bigger equipment and a shared passion for the ocean.

Instead of borrowing a 10-foot surfboard, which is required for his event of choice, Bill felt compelled to come up with a board of his own. Finally tracking one down, the next task was one of packing and shipping which I was able to help him with. The shipment was a bit more involved and expensive than originally anticipated but in the end we were finally able to pull it off.

I’ve seen some of the heat sheets for this event and names pop up such as Reno Abillira and Jock Sutherland both of whom were among the most highly regarded surfers in the world back in the day and still very, very respected. Nice to know that they are still at it and that Bill is in some hallowed company.

So there you have it. A mitigation par excellence. Now, lest you feel disadvantaged due to the Latent Winter, look forward to our summer and fall, also known as the extended summer, which will come about in roughly six months.

Turns out it can even be better than the regular summer with moderate temperatures and low humidity along with some added bonuses. But that’s subject matter for future reports, articles and stories. Stay tuned.

– Dave Dalkiewicz is the owner of Ocean Atlantic Surf Shop in Ocean City.


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