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Man gets probation for dune ride

By Brian Gilliland | Jan 04, 2018
Photo by: Photo Courtesy OCPD

(Jan. 5, 2018) Daniel Silvers, 47, of Federalsburg, Maryland received probation before judgment in District Court on Dec. 21 after being charged on Nov. 5 when he was discovered, asleep, behind the wheel of his running Ford Explorer on the beach near 99th Street.

Silvers will remain on supervised probation for three years. If he completes those years without incident, he may later file to have the case expunged, or deleted, from his criminal record.

There was no mention of restitution for the damages incurred during the joyride in court documents.

Ocean City Police responded to a report of a vehicle on the dunes close to 6 a.m. on Nov. 5 to discover Slivers’ Explorer stuck in the sand in reverse gear, with the engine still running. Silvers was reportedly asleep. Investigators found that the vehicle entered the beach area at 118th Street and left a trail of damaged fences, signs and garbage cans along the way.

Approaching the vehicle, Pfc. Adam Lapinski reported the front bumper was missing and the front fender was damaged on the passenger’s side.

Lapinski also reported he could smell alcohol as soon as he approached the vehicle, which only got worse as he woke Silvers and began speaking with him. According to the statement of probable cause, Lapinski escorted Silvers to a nearby parking lot to conduct field sobriety tests.

Silvers reportedly told Lapinski he had been to a local nightclub earlier in the evening, and took a bus to a friend’s house on 114th Street at some point during the night. He admitted to getting into his vehicle, but couldn’t recall when and couldn’t recall driving.

Silvers, Lapinski noted, did not adequately complete the sobriety tests, and was arrested for driving while impaired by alcohol.

Back at the station, Silvers submitted to a breath test, where he blew a .16, and, according to Lapinski, admitted he was taking prescription medication he was advised not to pair with alcohol.

Silvers was charged with driving while under the influence, driving with a blood alcohol content exceeding .08 percent, driving while impaired by alcohol, driving under conditions where the vehicle cannot be operated safely, failure to stop after a property damage accident and failure to notify a property owner after an accident.

Silvers received probation before judgment on the driving while under the influence charge in Worcester County District Court while prosecutors declined to pursue the other charges.


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