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Man indicted on home invasion and charged with rape

By Katie Tabeling | Jul 27, 2017

(July 28, 2017) A Worcester County jury indicted an Arlington, Virginia man on Tuesday for crimes connected to an Ocean City rape reported in June.

Tiroune R. Oates, 25, is now charged with home invasion and third-degree burglary after he allegedly entered a Sixth Street condominium with the intent to assault a woman. Oates is also charged with first- and second-degree rape, sodomy, and various other charges.

The victim reported the assault on June 11 around 10 p.m. to Ocean City Police. She was later taken to Atlantic General Hospital for examination, and later she told detectives that she was assaulted by a man she met on the beach that afternoon.

The victim said that she met her assailant, later identified as Oates, for the first time that day. The two spent the day talking on the beach, and agreed to buy liquor and to get dinner together later.

Around 3:30 p.m., Oates gave the woman his debit card to buy a bottle of brandy and a bottle of beer from a liquor store near Seventh Street. After drinking and talking on the beach, Oates and the woman stopped by her residence so she could freshen up.

The woman told police that Oates talked his way into her apartment. He kissed her, and they became intimate. During consensual sex, Oates reportedly got rough with the woman. When she told him to stop, Oates allegedly grabbed her by the throat and struck her in the face. The victim told detectives that Oates squeezed her throat so hard she “thought she was going to die.”

Oates reportedly also bit her arms, breasts and abdomen during the assault. When she screamed, he told her “just be quiet or I will kill you,” according to charging documents.

After the assault, Oates forced the victim into the bathroom and watched her take a shower, police said. When a roommate knocked on the door, Oates told her to say she was OK, according to charging documents.

Nurses at AGH said the victim had 11 bite marks, including on her ear, right breast and abdomen, and other injuries consistent with sexual assault. According to the report, she also had bruising on her left eye, face and neck.

Detectives said they found blood on the victim’s mattress, on the bedroom floor, various towels, in the hallway and on the bathroom floor.

Ocean City police also interviewed the roommate who said that he was listening to music on headphones at the time of the reported assault. He told detectives that he fell asleep and woke up around 8 p.m. When he walked past the bathroom, he heard the woman crying.

After making sure that Oates left, the victim told her roommate that she had been raped.

Ocean City Police identified Oates through credit card receipts at the Seventh Street liquor store and surveillance camera footage. Oates’ picture from the surveillance camera matched a photograph provided by the Arlington County Police Department.

Oates was charged for sexual battery and abduction with intent to defile in Virginia in 2015, but charges were not prosecuted. He was again charged in Virginia with intent to defile in November 2016, and that case remains active.

Oates was arrested on June 19 in Virginia on a Worcester County arrest warrant. He remains in Worcester County jail until his trial, which is set for Nov. 11.

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