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Man sentenced to 13 years for raping teen

Ramirez pleaded guilty to two counts for his role in summertime sex assault
By Katie Tabeling | Jul 20, 2017
Ronaldo Ramirez

(July 21, 2017) Judge Thomas Groton III sent Ronaldo Emmanuel Ramirez, 20, of Silver Spring to prison for 13 years on Tuesday in Worcester County Circuit Court for raping and filming the assault of an unconscious 17-year-old girl at a hotel during Memorial Day weekend last year.

Ramirez quietly cried when the sentence was issued, and his parents and sister also wiped tears away in the court’s gallery behind him. His attorney, Craig Kadish, asked for the minimum prison time, which is seven years for rape and one year for manufacturing child porn. Groton imposed a 20-year sentence but suspended all but 13 years for the charges and ordered Ramirez to register as a sex offender.

The Ocean City police investigation began last June, when sheriff’s deputies arrested Erick H. Ramirez (no relation) on drug charges and uncovered sexually explicit videos on his phone.

Dozens of videos and photographs showed five men, including Ronaldo Ramirez, undressing the unconscious victim who passed out after a day of drinking, smoking marijuana and taking Xanax pills.

Ocean City Police detectives identified Ramirez and four others in the videos: Erick Ramirez, 21, and Elmer E. Casco-Hernandez, 21 of Silver Spring and Kevin J. Caceres, 20 and Anthony B. Alvarenga, 21, of Rockville, Maryland.

Images also show the men inappropriately touching the girl. The images’ time stamps show the assault continued for hours between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m.

“Each video shows a progression of the assault, and there are four images of Mr. Ramirez’s arm touching the victim to ending with being on top of her with her pants down,” Assistant State’s Attorney Diane Karsnitz told the court. “The videos were shared with others to laugh about what happened.”

The videos were also shared in various group text messages.

From previous testimony, the victim told the court that she knew some of her assailants from high school and friends of friends. She did not know she was assaulted until Worcester County deputies interviewed her months later.

Kadish asked the court for a shorter incarceration time, contending that Ramirez had gotten caught up in pack mentality.

“They were all smoking and drinking, and they acted like animals. I agree the video is stomach-turning to watch,” Kadish said. “Some of the moral compasses were off track, and they all behaved inexcusably. My client is so ashamed of what he did he can’t watch the video.”

Groton sympathized, but said that compassion for the victim overrode any compassion for Ramirez and his family.

“It strikes me that he comes from a good family, like the other defendants in this case, and he appears as a polite and respectful man,” Groton said. “But not one of them called on their past to say ‘this is wrong,’ and be concerned for the welfare of the young lady. Not take advantage of her and videotape it.”

In addition to sentencing him to prison, Groton ordered five years of supervised probation once Ramirez leaves prison. Ramirez was also ordered to pay $1,145 in fines and court costs.

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