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Multiple factors help make homes easier to sell quickly

Real Estate Report
By Lauren Bunting | Oct 05, 2017

(Oct. 6, 2017) Most people will agree that our market is transitioning from the buyers’ market, that we’ve had for the past 7-8 years, to more of a sellers’ market. Sellers are finally getting to see the benefit of lower inventory, increasing home values and fewer days on market.

But it’s easy to make the mistake of getting overconfident and seeing your home sit stagnant while homes around you start selling quickly.

Here are some of the top “fixable” reasons your home may be taking longer to sell:

• Price — Pricing your home right out of the gate is of utmost importance. Some sellers feel that if they price high it will give them room to come down if they need to, or to negotiate with buyers. But this strategy can backfire if you price too high above what the market conditions indicate and create longer days on market than industry averages, thereby creating a “stale” listing and the need to reduce price to create traction for your listing.

• Too Much Stuff — The importance of decluttering prior to listing is paramount. Buyers want to see the space the house offers, and need to be able to envision themselves in the space. If every corner and closet is full of your personal belongings and clutter, it clouds the buyer’s mind.

• Photos — Quality, professional photography is a must in today’s real estate world where every buyer is searching for homes online. A minimum of 20 pictures is necessary, and providing pictures of all rooms of the interior, and exterior photos such as backyard, shed, etc. are also important. 3D tours of larger homes are also important, so people can understand the flow of the floor plan.

• Condition — Walking into a home that has areas of disrepair is a big distraction to buyers. It creates objections that stick with them and causes “devaluation” in a buyer’s mind. Areas to pay attention to are chipping paint, yard cleanup, drywall imperfections, etc. Also important in the realm of a house’s condition is how updated the home is. This is also an area where buyers will devalue a property if kitchens, baths and flooring have not been updated.

• Staging — Having an outside, professional eye take a look at the furniture staging in a home can be very beneficial. Removing a few pieces, or even just moving a few pieces of furniture and artwork can have a big effect on how a property will look in pictures, and show in person.

Other factors that are not easily “fixable” are location, architecture and floor plan.

— Lauren Bunting is a licensed Associate Broker with Bunting Realty, Inc. in Berlin

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