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New programs supplement learning in county schools

Online platforms help with long-term goals; behavioral intervention team at BES
By Kara Hallissey | Mar 29, 2018

(March 30, 3018) During the monthly Worcester County Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, March 20, the following items were presented to board members:

Buckingham Elementary initiative

Buckingham Elementary School created a strategic   last school year to target a specific population of students.

Teachers and administrators noticed about 20 percent of students accounted for all reports of behavioral issues in schools and on buses.

Through the program, these students receive interventions that include mentoring, scheduled breaks, alternative scheduling, learning in small groups and behavioral assessments.

Students also learned about self-awareness, self-control and how to respect other students and the environment, in addition to taking time to stretch and breathe throughout the day to be successful in the classroom.

According to the presentation, evaluations of the students show the program has helped many of them with their behavioral problems.

Discovery Education Math Techbook

A new instructional resource, Discovery Education Math Techbook, was adopted in the seventh and eighth grades last spring to differentiate the needs of middle school students.

The online platform uses real world concepts and investigations.

Students are encouraged to figure out real world formulas by using the assessments built into the website at their own pace or in groups.

Summit Learning

Snow Hill Middle School students have been participating in Summit Learning, a personalized learning pilot program, this school year.

Students are encouraged to set their own goals, reflect on their progress and build habits to help them succeed.

For at least 10 minutes a week, students meet one-on-one with teachers or mentors to determine if their daily actions are aligning with long-term individual goals.

In addition, students spend time working on group projects and individually.

Summit Learning also allows students to work at their own pace and access assignments from home.

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