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New sign to draw visitors to venue

Display differentiates acts at Performing Arts Center from OC convention center
By Katie Tabeling | Jul 06, 2017
Photo by: Katie Tabeling The Performing Arts Center now has a sign in front of the convention center on 40th Street to attract visitors to check out their acts. The sign was installed last week.

(July 7, 2017) Ocean City hopes to promote its Performing Arts Center to passing motorists on Coastal Highway at 40th Street with a new electronic sign installed last week on the northeast corner of the convention center parking lot.

“I’ve heard nothing but good from people about the new sign in the first week,” said convention center Director Larry Noccolino. “It’s a great way to differentiate between acts and concerts in the Performing Arts Center and the entire convention center.”

The two-sided sign, which is 17 feet tall and 11 feet wide, cost approximately $72,000 and was paid through remaining convention center funds. The electric marquee cycles through several acts, much like the larger marquee in the lot’s southeastern quadrant.

Unlike that sign, the smaller marquee on the corner near 41st Street will only promote upcoming Performing Arts Center events.

“This is to give it its own identity, and it has a different look than the substantially bigger marquee,” City Engineer Terry McGean said. “They’re on the same circuit as our other board messaging systems, and we can change the message in the event of an emergency with the rest of the city’s signs.”

The smaller message board is also being touted as an indication that things are picking up for the Performing Arts Center. The Ocean City Culture Arts Advisory Board recommended the sign in 2015, but Noccolino said that the plan would be to install it after the facility was running for three years.

“We’ve stabilized last December, meaning that we’re at the booking pace predicted we’re supposed to be in in 2018,” he said.

Council Secretary Mary Knight, who chairs the Tourism Commission, added that the sign was a welcome message to visitors and residents to know that arts and entertainment is alive in the resort.

“People look at the big marquee and see what’s going on the convention center, and sometimes the Performing Arts Center acts get lost in that,” she said. “When people see that sign, they’ll be reminded that it’s not just a convention center, and we do have more culture in Ocean City.”

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