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Now’s the time to approve R-1A

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Nov 09, 2017



printed 11/10/2017



Surprise! Surprise! The local Realtors are against the R1A district in the proposed new comprehensive plan.

They cite various concerns without any credible evidence to support their assertions — home prices will decrease, government will be on a “slippery slope” to over-regulation, Ocean City will lose tourists. They never mention the real reason, which is they will lose rental revenue. Remember, the R1A proposal is only for those communities that the majority of the owners support it.

As a homeowner with three rental properties on our street, I can give factual evidence that rentals in our community are an welcomed uncertainty especially with the short-term weekend rentals.

You may get very respectful renters. However, you may just as well get 10 cars on the street with large groups of soccer, lacrosse or bachelor parties that don’t respect local owners.

I have searched websites that advertise single home rentals and none mention the restriction of renting to no more than four unrelated people. Do the Realtors enforce this or vet the renters? I doubt it as this is violated continually and it is difficult for the city to enforce. Also, when selling non-rental homes, do the Realtors mention that you may have rentals next to you?

The Ocean City Council in 2015 heard enough complaints and evidence from homeowners to consider the R1A district for the new comprehensive plan. It is now time to implement this change so that the majority of home owners don’t dread every weekend or week during the rental season.

G.T. McAllister

Ocean City

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