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By Stewart Dobson | Jan 25, 2018



printed 01/26/2018


Right about now, I’m somewhere in New York City wondering what in the world I was thinking when I said, “Sure, I’m up for a boys’ trip to the Big Apple and four days of restaurant touring.”

Even I have my limitations, which seem to have increased over the years and have forced me into an unfamiliar moderation in all things.

There was a time, for instance, when I could easily devour a king cut 22-ounce beast of a prime rib, with sides, return home, sit back and 20 minutes later say, “I need a sandwich.”

I also used to be able to handle a tomahawk chop of a size that you could take into battle and smite Philistines.

Goliath: “I’ll take the kid with the slingshot. Shmoliath, you get the guy with the veal chop. Easy peezy.”

Today, however, I’m more inclined toward the six-ounce filet, which, I am relatively certain, would be of no use whatsoever in armed conflict, with or without bordelaise sauce.

Which brings me back to my current circumstance. With everyone with me being somewhat younger, I have been concerned that I would not get my requisite nap between meals or, even worse, that someone would take a photo of me napping and forward it to interested parties in my house with the bogus suggestion that I had succumbed to excessive drink.

I want to make clear right now that if such an image has already made the rounds, or if one should make the rounds today or tomorrow, it is counterfeit and has to be of someone pretending to be me. I no longer fall prey to such things, as I have matured. No, really.

Besides, what I was thinking was that whatever I did or do, I can always blame it on age and say, “Yes, dear, I was napping; no, dear, I did not engage in excessive anything; OK, dear, maybe I did succumb, but I did so in moderation.”

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