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OC buys second 4x4 beach trash truck for next summer

By Greg Ellison | Dec 07, 2017
Source: File Photo Ocean City will purchase a second 4x4 beach trash truck to collect waste from the 800 barrels along the sands.

(Dec. 8, 2017) With nary a comment, the Ocean City Council approved spending $296,000 to procure a second 4x4 beach trash truck during its regular meeting on Monday.

Public Works Director Hal Adkins asked the council to consider purchasing another custom-built trash truck during its Nov. 28 work session.

Although Adkins offered to summarize the previous week’s discussion, Councilman John Gehrig felt comfortable without a review.

“Considering the beach is our number one asset, I’d like to make a motion that we approve funding for the second trash truck,” he said.

The council approved purchasing the first beach trash truck, nicknamed the “beast of the east” by Adkins, last February. The goal was to design a vehicle capable of emptying roughly 800 barrels along the nine-mile beach stretch without making multiple stops at the 65th Street waste transfer station.

Adkins said after completing minor tweaks to the first truck —  adjusting tire pressure, arm height and grabber compression — it preformed ideally.

“The vehicle successfully navigated sands and collected 800 … barrels with limited return trips to the transfer station for offloading,” he said.

During the recent work session, Adkins said a second vehicle would lessen the workload for each.

“A weekly rotation as discussed at the work session is still my intention,” he said.

Procurement Manager Catrice Parsons said the second vehicle is tentatively scheduled to arrive this spring.

Once the new truck is operating, Adkins said a pair of Broyhill Barrel Dumpers, described as being beyond their useful life, would be sold.

“Then I’m immediately turning over the two Broyhills to Catrice along with about 21 of the Broyhill boxes,” he said. “She takes it from there … to see who might wish to purchase them.”

Mayor Rick Meehan noted another perk of removing the nearly two-dozen compactor boxes.

“It will actually open up a few parking spaces in certain areas,” he said.

Council President Lloyd Martin was absent from the meeting.


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