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OC Capt. Dale Lisi returns to ‘Wicked Tuna’ this season

By Managing Editor, Lisa Capitelli | Jul 27, 2017

(July 28, 2017) Foolish Pleasures Capt. Dale Lisi will make his second season appearance on National Geographic Channel’s “Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks,” this Sunday.

Lisi and his crew – Will “Willbilly” Hathaway and Ed “The Beard” Gross – were featured for the first time on last season’s “Wicked Tuna,” where fishermen are on the hunt for lucrative bluefin tuna in North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

They caught seven bluefin tuna and earned $33,395, good for third place out of the seven-team fleet. Fishin’ Frenzy caught 10 tuna, winning $42,217, to land in the top spot. Pinwheel came in second place with seven tuna, worth a total of $41,530.

The show highlighted New England’s best bluefin tuna crews battling a local fleet. There were seven boats showcased – three representing the north and four the south – and it was “extremely competitive,” Lisi said in January when he headed to North Carolina to prepare for this season.

Foolish Pleasures was a member of the south team. But, despite north and south “teams,” it was “more of a free-for-all.” The 10-episode show aired weekly from the end of July to late September 2016.

“We had a really fun time doing the show. They did a fantastic job portraying us,” Lisi said in January. “There was good sportsmanship all around. You don’t get paid a tremendous amount, but it’s fun, and it’s great for charter [fishing] business.”

Despite finishing in third place last season, Lisi was pleased with the fish he and his crew caught.

“Obviously, we would have liked to have won,” he said. “We learned a few things that will hopefully make us first-place contenders. We learned you can’t always trust information from your competitors.”

Foolish Pleasures is a 36-foot custom sportfish charter boat based out of the Ocean City Fishing Center in West Ocean City.

The new season of “Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks” airs Sunday, July 30, at 10 p.m. on National Geographic Channel.

For more information about “Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks” and to learn more about the crews that are participating, visit www.channel.nationalgeographic.com/wicked-tuna-outer-banks.

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