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OC hikes temp, part-time job pay

Increase to cost more than $188,000 as minimum wage to hit $10.10 July 1
By Greg Ellison | Mar 08, 2018

(March 9, 2018) In anticipation of Maryland’s minimum wage increasing to $10.10 per hour on July 1, the Ocean City Council approved a 2 percent adjustment to its temporary/part-time employee pay table, at an annual cost of more than $188,000.

Human Resources Director Wayne Evans provided details of the Maryland Minimum Wage Act at the council meeting on Monday.

“In 2014, there was a minimum wage act passed and that has been incrementally increasing the minimum wage each year since that time,” he said.

The state minimum wage rate, which was $7.25 prior to 2014, bumps up by approximately 9.2 percent this July, Evans said.

“Knowing this was coming, the town took some action along the way to try and develop a systematic approach to implementing these changes,” he said. “We’re not asking for a 2 percent increase across the board.”

The adjustments will primarily affect seasonal and part-time hires, Evans said.

“Most of the pay rate increases in categories where we have significant employees are going to be in the 20-30 cent-an-hour range,” he said. “These are the rates we go into the market place every year to hire our seasonal employees and our part-time people.”

About 730 part-time staff will feel the 2 percent bump, Evans said.

“We hire 700-plus general employees to bring into the city each year,” he said.

The pay scale increases will allow the city to maintain its competitiveness when hiring substantial seasonal work forces annually, Evans said.

“I thought this was a good time to look at this so we don’t inadvertently fall behind in the marketplace,” he said.

Evans noted the importance of appropriate compensation for recruiting seasonal police officers, surf rescue technicians as well as bus and solid waste drivers.

“We’ve had challenges,” he said. “It’s not as if we’re able to hire these people … and give them pay raises periodically.”

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