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OC’s wars trump Pines hullabaloo

Jul 27, 2017



printed 07/28/2017


If the residents of Ocean Pines think the current unpleasantness enveloping their board of directors is about as bad as things can get, long-time veterans of Ocean City politics and government would argue otherwise.

In the scheme of things, the Pines kerfuffle hasn’t even made the varsity as compared to some of the down and dirty dogfights that used to erupt in and around City Hall.

For a spell in the late 1980s, reporters routinely returned to the office wondering how to write about all the politically inspired claims and counterclaims without being sued into oblivion.

It was so ugly that the various factions couldn’t be in the same restaurant together, or at least asked the owners of these establishments to ban the other side from entering while they were there.

Later on, in the last decade, a changing of the guard on the council led to some of the bitterest fighting ever witnessed between council members, the staff and unions. Naturally, these things worked themselves out over time.

While there always will be political skullduggery of one kind or another every election year, it’s nothing like it once was. In fact, local government seems to be running smoothly these days, with even the most serious disagreements being handled with civility.

Ocean Pines residents, many of whom work in Ocean City, should take note of that. As bad as the situation might seem with their governing body right now, this is just a temporary situation.

The survivors of Ocean City’s political wars, some of whom continue to hold office, are probably chuckling to themselves and thinking, as the Pines drama continues to unfold, that they really haven’t seen anything yet.

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