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OCDC gets helped by OCPD for ‘Alley Lighting Program’

By Greg Ellison | Mar 29, 2018

(March 30, 2018) Shining a light on dark alleyways to reduce crime and increase public safety is the intent of a new program developed by the Ocean City Development Corporation and the Ocean City Police Department.

Glenn Irwin, OCDC executive director, said the first phase of the “Downtown Alley Lighting Program,” would target Washington Lane between fourth and 10th streets.

“This Alley Light Up Program is a pilot program that has the ability to be very successful,” he said. “It’s a low-cost program with a variety of benefits — crime prevention, as well as pedestrian safety and bicycle safety for the many users of this downtown alley, particularly during the summer months.”

Irwin said his group would reimburse half the cost for business and property owners who purchase and install lighting, up to a maximum of $500.

Stephanie Meehan, Funcade general manager, was enthused after Irwin pitched her the program.

“It’s a great idea to light the alley a little bit,” she said. “It’s a good idea for safety [because] a lot of people ride their bikes through the alleys.”

Meehan, whose arcade is on the Boardwalk just below 10th Street, envisions other potential benefits to the pilot program.

“There is occasionally graffiti put on some of the buildings,” she said. “Lights make such a huge difference [and] I believe it’s an improvement to your property.”

Police Capt. Mike Colbert said in a press release his agency looks forward to helping with the venture.

“Adding additional lighting to your property is a very basic crime prevention measure but it also is very effective,” he said.

Colbert said Washington Lane was identified as a priority after reviewing prior year crime statistics.

Program funding is on a first come basis until resources are expended, Irwin said.

To qualify for the alley lighting program, the business or property must abut Washington Lane between Fourth and 10th streets, Irwin said.

The program also requires use of energy efficient LED lighting.

Meehan said the financial backing offered through the program is a major perk.

“When you get any type of assistance to make things safer it’s a good investment of business dollars,” she said.

Qualifying business or property owners interested in the program should contact the Ocean City Development Corporation at 410-289-7739 or email inquire@ocdc.org.

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