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Ocean City sets poor example by not recycling

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Jan 11, 2018



printed 01/12/2018



I am once again writing about Ocean City, Maryland’s lack of a curbside recycling program.

I was told several years ago by members of the OC council that Ocean City pays to have its trash transported to Pennsylvania to be incinerated.

I was told that it is cheaper to send all Ocean City trash to Pennsylvania than to provide a citywide curbside recycling program. Perhaps money isn’t the only issue here.

The Baltimore Sun, Sunday, Dec. 17 ran a front-page article about the city incinerator that pollutes the air with toxic gases and substances like carbon dioxide, hydrochloric acid, formaldehyde into the air every day.

That’s what Ocean City is doing in Pennsylvania, where we send our trash. But what are we teaching the citizens and visitors of Ocean City about recyclable paper, plastic, aluminum cans (think of the millions of aluminum cans that are thrown away and the resource wasted) and every other item that can and should be recycled and not incinerated?

What a wasteful lesson you are telling the children who come to Ocean City – just throw away that aluminum can, plastic water bottle, glass bottles, plastic ware and millions of other items that can and should be recycled.

Don’t reuse, don’t recycle, don’t reduce your usage of products, just throw them in the trash and we will burn them up. Horrible lessons to Ocean City visitors and citizens.

I have recycled for many years (I carry home to Baltimore all my recyclables from our home in Ocean City) and conducted many cleanups in Maryland to pick up trash and recyclables out of Maryland waterways for the International Coastal Cleanup.

That is the lesson we should be teaching our visitors and children – pick up every piece of trash and recycle what you can because you are part of this Earth and we all need to take care of it. Resources are not limitless.

That is not what Ocean City is telling its citizens and visitors. Ocean City should and could be a model of how a city can teach valuable lessons about our resources and recycling. Reinstitute curbside recycling in Ocean City.

Geri Schlenoff

Ocean City and Towson

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