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Police/Courts Sept. 15 2017

Sep 14, 2017

Bratten in custody

Brooks T. Bratten, 38, of Snow Hill, who is accused leaving the scene after fatally striking a Slovakian woman with his car in late August, turned himself in to Worcester County Sheriff’s Office last Friday.

According to charging documents, Bratten’s car hit Veronika Bad’urová hard enough that she was knocked from her bicycle and her head struck the car’s windshield. Bad’urová died from her injuries a day later.

Bratten did not stop the car after the collision. He is being held in jail without bond.

Family issues

Adam Ingram, 26, of Bacaville, Californa was arrested after allegedly putting his father in a chokehold last Saturday.

Police on patrol stopped in the 11600 block of Seaward Road after bystanders said Ingram and his father were fighting. The older man had bruises and blood on his knees, according to police reports.

Ingram told police that he was fighting his father over home issues. Both men said that Ingram had put his father in a rear chokehold. After the older man was released, the two had “a shoving match,” according to reports.

Ingram is charged with second-degree assault.

Assault with bottle

Cathleen Gillen, 47, of Crofton, Maryland was arrested after she struck her ex-husband in the head with a beer bottle early last Saturday morning.

Her ex-husband said Gillen started an argument in a house on Mooring Road. Gillen then pushed him to the ground and struck him in the head, according to reports.

Broken glass was found at the scene, and the ex-husband’s head was red, police said.

Gillen told police that she fought with her ex-husband because she caught him sending text messages to another woman. She was charged with second-degree assault.

Bar fight

Ocean City Police arrested one man after he and his friends allegedly fought with security guards last Saturday in a midtown bar parking lot.

Police were called to the bar around 9:43 p.m., where 10 people were fighting. Robert Dietz, 24, of North East Maryland allegedly was struggling with bouncers.

Dietz reportedly screamed and flailed his arms and legs in an attempt to hit the security guards, according to charging documents. One bouncer told police that Dietz and his friends were told to leave several times, but they refused. Dietz then allegedly punched him in the face. The bouncer’s lip was swollen and bleeding, according to police reports.

After that, two other employees attempted to intervene. Dietz allegedly punched those men in the face as well.

Dietz was charged with three counts of second-degree assault and affray.

Door damage

A Stratford, Connecticut man is charged with malicious destruction of property after he allegedly elbowed a glass door until it cracked last Sunday.

Stephen Sorak IV was seen on surveillance camera “propelling” his elbow into the door of a hotel on 56th Street. The door had a “spider web” crack, according to charging documents.

Sorak was charged with maliciously causing $1,000 in damage.

Domestic assault

Roberta Arisoa, 64, of Nottingham, Maryland was arrested after she allegedly threw a chair at her sister in 11th Street condominium last Sunday.

Ocean City police said when they were sent to the condo around 9:13 p.m., they saw two women hiding in the bedroom while Ariosa allegedly banged on the door. When Arisoa let polices in, they saw she had bleeding wounds on her right arm and left knee, according to reports.

Ariosa’s sister said that Arisoa had drank a lot, threw a chair and hit her multiple times. She also told police that she threw the chair back at her sister before hiding in the bedroom.

The woman had bruising on her forearms, according to charging documents.

Ariosa allegedly later admitted to police that she did throw the chair and was charged with second-degree assault.

Assaulting bride

A bridesmaid was charged after she reportedly punched the bride in the face during her bachelorette party early last Sunday morning.

Police said Ashley Stolley, 30, of York, Pennsylvania was arguing with the bride-to-be outside a bar on the Boardwalk. Stolley was also seen pushing the other woman as they argued.

When stopped by officers, the bride-to-be said they were fine, and they would go back to their hotel with the bridal party. As police continued to watch the pair from a distance, Stolley repeatedly screamed obscenities at the bride-to-be, according to charging documents.

Stolley then punched the bride-to-be, who collapsed on the Boardwalk with a bloody nose, police said.

Stolley was charged with second-degree assault and disorderly conduct.

Disorderly arrest

Ocean City Police arrested a homeless man after they found him passed out in a taxi on 139th Street early Monday morning.

The taxi driver told police that Henry Fevry, 35, had passed out in the cab and he did not want to drive him. When police told Fevry to leave the car, he reportedly screamed  obscenities.

When police attempted to arrest Fevry, he allegedly tried to pull away from them, according to charging documents.

Fevry was charged with disorderly conduct, second-degree assault and other charges.


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