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Prices to pay for living beach life

Surf Report
By Dave Dalkiewicz | Mar 08, 2018

(March 9, 2018) Last week was quite interesting, at least for me.

The surf had been fairly consistent, in the knee to waist high range, which is typical for our area. Depending on the flexibility of one’s schedule, tide and wind could be combined to afford at least a short session more often than not.

It was no great shakes, though. Too windy and too small.

But at least until the mojo returns it’s going to have to do — even with the notion of just to get wet. If too much time passes between go-outs a certain price is paid. There’s a lot to be said about consistency — surfing is the poster boy example. You’ve got to keep doing it just to keep doing it. Use it or lose it.

Sure, you can burn out, but that’s nowhere near a problem this time of the year. It’s quite a bit easier to maintain consistent sessions/go-outs in milder weather/water conditions.

The week consisted of a long excursion out of the area, which also served as a reminder of why I live here. The occasion was a high school reunion of sorts, featuring someone needing a kidney and another donating one. It’s amazing to think of all the time gone by since then, but therein lies the accompanying philosophy.

The long ago decision to migrate to the beach proved to be one of great wisdom — even with the lack of gainful employment. There’s always a price to pay for living at the beach. Stating the obvious, though, surfing is a grand benefit.

The multi-day storm that came about last week produced drama and more drama. When checking the surf, the wind was blowing so hard it almost knocked me off my feet. Those Weather Channel television scenes are no joke.

That storm reminded me most of the infamous Ash Wednesday storm of March 1962. It too was multi-day, lasting through many high tides.

Hardly any damage was attributed to this recent one but the ’62 storm was devastating. The ocean even connected to the bay in spots.

So there it is. An interesting week by any standard. One in which may go down in memory, though only time will determine that possibility. We shall see.

– Dave Dalkiewicz is the owner of Ocean Atlantic Surf Shop in Ocean City.

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