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Red Hot & Darling Valentine's Day Boutique

By Christine Brown


Christmas is over and the new year has begun.  Now, we can look forward to a little holiday in the middle of winter called Valentine's Day. 💘  As an Avon representative, I'm saying skip the flowers and candy this year and visit Avon's Valentine's Day Boutique for a gift.  I know you're not going to buy yourself a Valentine's Day gift but you can send your significant other a link to my Avon store, http://cbrown2272.avonrepresentative.com/, and let them shop for you.  For all you single ladies out there, shop away!  😍

No, on second thought, maybe you do want to shop for yourself for Valentine's Day.  It's not a gift but a red-hot date night dress and heels. Think of it as a gift to him anyway. He'll love you all dressed up in a sexy Little Red Dress and Peekable Lace-Up heels.  Accent the look with a stunning statement necklace and earrings. Spritz a little Ultra Sexy Pink fragrance and he'll be hooked!  You're probably thinking it'll be a small fortune dressing up for Valentine's Day but you can get the dress, shoes, necklace and earrings, and the fragrance, all for under $100.  So go ahead, treat yourself, you deserve it and he will fall in love with you all over again!

Avon Red-Hot & Darling Boutique also has gifts for him.  Surprise the man in your life with a gift of fragrance.  Giving fragrance to your man is just as much of a gift to yourself if you pick out the fragrance you think he will love.  If you're not sure about a fragrance, Avon has watches for men and a few pieces of stainless steel jewelry to choose from.

I always get my kids a little something for Valentine's Day.  I usually get them some candy and a small gift for each of them.  My son is seriously into Legos right now so that'll be what he gets this year.  For my teenage daughter, I already ordered her a couple of the Precious Charms Bracelets.  She loves these bracelets and ends up losing the bracelets somewhere so I'm glad they don't cost a fortune.  They're on sale now for $5.99.  When she was younger and wore earrings, the Open Your Heart earrings are simply pretty.  They are dainty with some sparkle and just perfect for a girl on Valentine's Day.  They even come in a heart-shaped box with a bow ready to give as a gift.  There is also a necklace with the same design which also comes in a gift box.

Valentine's Day is coming soon so check out the gifts at Avon's Valentine's Day Boutique.  Some of the Valentine's Day exclusive gifts such as the Open Heart Earrings and Necklace will sell out early.  While you're visiting the Valentine's Day Boutique, register as a customer to receive exclusive Avon emails.

~ Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day!  💕💗👄  (I just discovered Emojis on Blogger! Can you tell?